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Magnetic Assemblies/Holding Magnets
NdFeB Magnetic Assemblies
Ferrite Magnetic Assemblies
Alnico Magnetic Assemblies
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Other Magnetic Materials
Hall Effect Sensors
Magnetic Measuring Devices

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Online Calculator:
Pull force between two disc magnets
Pull force between disc magnet and flat
Pull force between two block magnets
Pull force between block magnet and flat
Magnetic field of a Disc magnet
Magnetic field of a block magnet

Hard Ferrite Magnetic Assemblies, Holding Magnets, Magnetic Systems

CY-F/R Series
Ferrite Plastics Injected Zinc Plated
CY-RB Series
Hard ferrite, Chrome and Zinc Plated
CY-TK Series
Ferrite, With Hook, Plastics Injected, White Painted
CY-T/TM Series
Hard Ferrite, Plastics Injected, Zinc Plated
CY-TD Series
Ferrite, No Hook, Plastics Injected, Zinc Plated
CY-65C Series
Hard Ferrite, Zinc Plasted

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